Madeleine Davison is an NCR Bertelsen intern based in Chicago. She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a dual degree in journalism and sociology. 

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Theologians call Vatican stance on same-sex unions unbiblical

An international group of theologians and scholars released an academic statement alleging inconsistencies in the Vatican's arguments against same-sex relationships, and urging the church to review its stance.

Georgetown panel discusses Jesuit response to slavery

An online panel hosted by Georgetown discussed the involvement of the Jesuits and the church in slavery, and the Jesuits' efforts to make amends, but did not directly address critiques raised by some descendants.

Panel: Racism compounds the clergy sex abuse crisis for Black Catholics

White leadership, diocesan neglect and the church's long history of systemic racism make it more difficult for Black Catholic victims of clergy sex abuse to speak up or get justice, panelists said.

Panel: Catholics, white Americans must reckon with their role in violence against Asian women

An April 8 panel hosted by the University of Notre Dame's Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies discussed escalating racist violence against Asian American people in the United States, emphasizing it is not without deep history.