Madeleine Davison is a former NCR Bertelsen intern based in Chicago. She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a dual degree in journalism and sociology. 

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Angry and disappointed: NCR readers react to the bishops' vote on Communion

Many Catholics are expressing anger, disappointment and confusion about the U.S. bishops' vote to approve plans to draft a document on pro-choice politicians and Communion, according to an email survey of NCR readers and members.

Panel examines 'shadow pandemic' of violence against women

While the #MeToo movement and campaigns worldwide have raised awareness of sexual harassment and abuse, structures that harm women, children and marginalized people must be dismantled to end gender-based violence, advocates said.

Pope praises James Martin's work with LGBT Catholics: reflects 'closeness of God'

Pope Francis praised Jesuit Fr. James Martin's work with LGBTQ people, saying his ministry seeks to "imitate the style of God" in a handwritten letter sent to Martin ahead of a June 26 conference on Catholic LGBTQ outreach.

Some Catholic colleges forgo vaccine mandates, worrying public health experts

An increasing number of U.S. Catholic colleges and universities have required students to get the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to campus. But some major Catholic institutions have not, including the Catholic University of America.