Soli Salgado is a staff writer for Global Sisters Report, often covering issues related to Hispanic communities and social justice. She joined the NCR team as a Bertelsen intern in 2015. Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Wichita, Kansas, she graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013 with degrees in journalism, English literature and Spanish. Her reporting has received several 2016 Catholic Press Awards.

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Where Cuban government can't provide, sisters and Catholic organizations fill the gaps

Global Sisters Report: Following decades of repression, the Catholic Church in Cuba has been slowly rebuilding in the last 20 years. Through work by the sisters and other programs, the church extends its reach beyond parishes, though care is taken to not draw too much attention from government officials.

Encuentro Eclesial event unites Cuban Catholics, bridges US-Cuba division

Encuentro Eclesial is a recurring event that brings together Cuban bishops, priests, women religious and laypeople in both the U.S. and Cuba. The two groups have established friendship through 20 years of connection.

Cubans, US exiles connect to help rebuild Cuba's Catholic Church

Cuban Catholics, ordained and lay, on both sides of the Florida Strait, have connected to strengthen Cuban parishes and civil society; they aim to build bridges between Cuba and the outside world.

Mass participants: 'We're left with the pope's love'

Santiago, Chile -- Travelers from all over Latin America made their presence visible by bringing their country flag, most notably Argentina, which appeared to be the most popular visiting country.