Heather Adams is a freelance reporter based in Los Angeles. She loves talking about religion and can be found doing so on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Santa Clara students gain experience in real-world problem-solving

Santa Clara University's Global Social Benefit Fellowship enables juniors to take part in a nine-month research project, including an eight-week field component in the developing world.

Crystal Cathedral, home to the 'Hour of Power,' transforms into Catholic seat

For nearly 30 years, the Rev. Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral was not only a religious landmark, but an architectural wonder and an embodiment of flush times in Southern California's Orange County. Now Crystal Cathedral is almost ready to open as a church again — this time as Christ Cathedral, seat of the Diocese of Orange.

Needs, not judgment, come first for St. Anthony's of San Francisco

For more than 60 years, an organization with Franciscan values has been supporting San Francisco's infamous Tenderloin neighborhood and its vulnerable people, providing services and creating a cleaner, safer community without using law enforcement.

Esports varsity programs arrive on Catholic campuses

Catholic institutions are among the 102 U.S. colleges and universities taking on esports (electronic games). Along with these varsity programs come recruitment challenges and questions about violent games.