Melissa Cedillo is a graduate student at Harvard Divinity school studying religion, ethics, and politics through a public policy lens. She is passionate about bridging the gap between progressive politics and religion in America. She has a background in immigration advocacy, domestic violence policy, and criminal justice work. Melissa was born and raised in Southern California where she studied Theology at Loyola Marymount University. 

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Integrating faith and justice key to post-pandemic ministry with young Latinos

The pandemic, combined with the racial reckoning of last summer, has young Catholics — and those who minister to them — thinking about what the church can learn from Generation Z.


As Catholics, we can't ignore the suffering in ICE detention centers

Commentary: As a community that upholds the dignity of all humans, Catholics must confirm that we hear ICE detainees' cries of suffering, and demand that these vile places be defunded and shut down.


A Catholic case for Elizabeth Warren

Commentary: As a Catholic voter, I am asked to draw on both faith and reason. Hearing Sen. Elizabeth Warren speak and reading her plans, I feel that she appeals to both my intellect and my conscience.