Irish commission finds human remains at former church-run home

The commission set up to investigate the treatment of unmarried mothers and their babies in Irish care homes during the 20th century say it has found "significant" human remains at the site of a former home in western Ireland.

A spokesman for the commission said March 3 that the body was shocked by the discovery made in Tuam, County Galway, at the site formerly managed by the Bon Secours religious order.

Meeting pope, Irish prelates discuss ministry of bishop, abuse scandal


Vatican City -- According to bishops at the meeting, the Irish bishops and Pope Francis discussed: the ministry of a bishop, clerical sexual abuse, women in the church, new ways to engage young people, the changing status of the church in society, Catholic schools and methods for handing on the faith,

Meeting pope, Irish prelates discuss ministry of bishop, abuse scandal


Pope Francis meets with Irish bishops Jan. 20: Telling the bishops of Ireland that he wanted to hear their questions, concerns and even criticisms, Pope Francis spent almost two hours in conversation with them. In the continuing evolution of the "ad limina" visits bishops are required to make to the Vatican, Pope Francis met Jan. 20 with 26 Irish bishops and set aside a practice that began with Pope Benedict XVI: writing a speech to the group, but handing the text to them instead of reading it.



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