Top NCR stories of 2017, by total reading time

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At the start of the new year, we've crunched the numbers to bring you this list of the top 10 NCR stories and columns ranked by the total amount of time readers have spent looking at them.

Have you read them all?


Reflections on Pope Francis and President Donald Trump kept readers scrolling down the page last year. Visitors to spent almost the entire year reading Joan Chittister's top political commentaries — a total of 353 days. Fr. Gregory Greiten wrote the year's breakaway opinion piece, in which he comes out as a celibate gay man. Readers spent 65 weeks reading his perspective.

1. Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay

2. Pope Francis' message faces intensifying criticism

3. Donald Trump's gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus

4. The real electoral problem may lie within us

5. Make America America again

6. Francis stacks the College of Cardinals

7. The normalization of insanity

8. Eucharistic prayer in the 21st century

9. What I saw at a conservative Catholic gathering in DC's Trump Tower

10. Five great achievements of Pope Francis' first four years

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