Patrick Egwu is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Nigeria who reports on global health, education, religion, conflict and other development issues in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. He has been published in African Arguments, FT's This is Africa, Ozy, BRIGHT Magazine, and IJNet, among others.

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Amid pandemic, Nigerian Catholic farmers face growing attacks by herders

Nigeria has seen a rising, deadly conflict between farmers and cattle herders, who migrate south to land for grazing. Climate change has worsened the conflict. Thousands have been killed or displaced.

Southern Africa's Catholic community spurred into action by Black Lives Matter

Southern Africa's Catholic community has been spurred into action by the global Black Lives Matter movement, with some local parishes hosting anti-bias workshops.

Catholic communities in Africa have mixed response on combating coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading through African countries each day. Catholic communities are responding to the pandemic in varying degrees.

Nigerian bishop ranks migration a bigger issue than abortion, climate

Oil industry pollution and deforestation are serious, Bishop Ernest Obodo told EarthBeat. But the migration of Nigeria's young, risking trafficking and death to escape poverty, is the local church's most pressing concern.