Brian Harper is a graduate student and public service fellow in Fordham University's International Political Economy and Development program. He previously worked in communications with the Midwest Jesuits and served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru. His writing has been featured in America, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Counterpunch, Mic, and various other publications. You can read his work and listen to his music at

He writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Don't fall for it: Call out corruption no matter whose

Young Voices: Corruption is insidious because of the ways power seduces its beneficiaries into profiteering from their status. But it's also dangerous in the way it uses tribalism to tempt the rest of us into selectively looking the other way.


Tired of the news? Acknowledge that action begets reaction

Young Voices: Over the past few months, several friends have shared that they are feeling something bordering on political burnout. From a certain perspective, I appreciate the weariness. It would be a mistake, though, to tune out entirely.


In the face of this scandal's abuse of power, listen to the powerless

Young Voices: Clergy and laity alike can learn from those who have been most marginalized. They know Golgotha in a way no one ever should, and their courage is without parallel.


Souter's approach to Constitution parallels Ignatian discernment

Young Voices: Like David Souter's weighing of multiple constitutional goods, we are sometimes forced to choose between two fine choices or two less-than-ideal options.