Brian Harper is a graduate student and public service fellow in Fordham University's International Political Economy and Development program. He previously worked in communications with the Midwest Jesuits and served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru. His writing has been featured in America, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Counterpunch, Mic, and various other publications. You can read his work and listen to his music at

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The trouble with attacks on political correctness

Young Voices: The trouble with attacks on political correctness is not that they defend impropriety, though they usually do; it is that they justify a worldview that simply is not accurate.


The Filipino guide to staying sane

Young Voices: Like every nation, the Philippines has its problems. Filipinos are not oblivious to these realities. At the same time, their positivity has something to teach Americans.


Make America grateful again

Young Voices: I had the great fortune to sit in the audience as Vice President Joe Biden affirmed his great fortune to Stephen Colbert on a recent taping of "The Late Show." What was most surprising was that Biden's claims of good luck referred not to his public career but to his private life.


Get back: a trip to the Andean town I once called home

Young Voices: I slipped back into the rhythms that defined my life in Peru. But there were moments when I was deeply, sometimes uncomfortably aware of how much had changed.