Brian Harper is a graduate student and public service assistant in Fordham University's International Political Economy and Development program. He previously worked in communications with the Midwest Jesuits and served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru. His writing has been featured in America, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Counterpunch, Mic, and various other publications. You can read his work and listen to his music at

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Not all violent rhetoric is condemned equally

Young Voices: In overlooking President Trump's culpability in violent rhetoric, Bishop Robert Barron is playing into the partisan narrative that certain sins are worse when certain people commit them.

Book Review

Never too busy to make time for God

Book Review: “God is available to talk to us as we do laundry, change diapers, run carpool, shuffle kids to activities, oversee homework, and coordinate our families’ calendars.”

Don't be a poser; be your authentic self

Young Voices: A pub near my apartment serves as an unofficial sanctuary for soccer fanatics. The thought of joining them appeals to me for a number of reasons, but it would not be genuine.

The greatest lesson I have learned

Young Voices: First comes a relatively surface-level commonality, then another, until the penny drops and you realize that at the end of the day, we really are all similar.