Brian Harper is an alumnus of Fordham University's Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development and Marquette University. He previously worked in communications with the Midwest Jesuits and served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru. His writing has been featured in America, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Counterpunch, Mic and various other publications. You can read his work and listen to his music at

He writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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There's no segregation in the kingdom of heaven

Racism is contrary to God's will. So is every cruel and petty reason we devise to separate instead of joining, to split instead of bridging.The late Archbishop Joseph Rummel's witness on race offers lessons that speak to some of our broader social struggles. 


Have the willingness of D-Day veterans, rise to the challenge

Young Voices: At the 75th anniversary of D-Day, there was a sense that when we eventually lose the remaining soldiers, we will lose with them an uncommon valor and strength of character.


Planting seeds with rosary beads

Young Voices: I'm usually not good at Lent. Yet this year I fulfilled my goal: praying the rosary almost daily. But by Holy Week's end, I owed this more to determination not to fall short than to any notion that the rosary was enriching my life.


The unappreciated spiritual legacy of Gerald Ford

Young Voices: Whenever there is a poll ranking U.S. presidents, there is one head of state I always look out for, wondering if his service might get a generous reappraisal. I continue to wait in vain.