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Making Peace

NCR has explored peace, as an integral element of Christian life, in our reporting and commentary from our very beginnings more than 50 years ago. That interest continues today with renewed emphasis.

We have begun to gather a new generation of reporting on our website under the heading "Making Peace" and will, for the foreseeable future, be devoting time and resources to exploring the topics of peace and nonviolence: who's thinking about these issues, debating them in the Catholic world and beyond, who's working on them, the success stories, the failures and the ongoing threats -- new and old -- to peace in our era. 

We will be focusing not only on war and militarism in our culture, but also on peaceful parenting, verbal violence, mass incarceration, nonviolent approaches to global conflict, racial justice, gun violence and more.

Our ambition is to come at this issue from as many angles and perspectives as possible. Some of the voices you'll hear will be familiar; others will come from tucked-away corners of the community or from places and people not often included when the conversation turns to peace.

Along the way, something may spark an idea for coverage in your area or among individuals or groups that you know. Please let us know.

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