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World Youth Day 2013

Another Take on WYD


Among the millions of people gathered in Rio for World Youth Day this week will be six young adults on a unique mission.

Delfin Bautista, Amelia Blanton, Lauren Carpenter, Ellen Euclide, Megan Graves and Sara Kelley are on a pilgrimage to Brazil to help counter the Roman Catholic church's often harmful rhetoric about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. DignityUSA and Call to Action, as part of the Equally Blessed coalition, are sponsoring the trip.

My moment with the pope


It wasn't exactly hard-hitting journalism today aboard the papal plane en route to Rio de Janeiro, though one has to give Francis credit for candor.

"I don't give interviews," he said plainly to the press corps.

"Why, I don't know, but I can't," he added. "It's a little difficult for me, but I'm grateful for your company."



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