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Francis links Eucharist with global solidarity


One of themes Pope Francis repeatedly returns to in his talks and spiritual reflections is the idea of solidarity – a global solidarity, rich and poor, stemming from the recognition of being children of God.  He sees the church as the instrument of building this recognition and then drawing humanity together.

This recognition, he insists, is not without responsibility. We are all required to live in solidarity with each other, rich and poor. This means caring for each other. Those with resources have a particular responsibility to “feed” those without such resources.

Vatican: Why no text for Pope Francis' daily homilies


Pope Francis’ daily homilies, delivered without notes at the morning mass he celebrates in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae inside the Vatican, have drawn worldwide interest.  His reflections on the daily readings are repeatedly cited in news stories and blogs. Often simple, but piercing in character, they speak as much to gospel lessons as to the man who articulates them.

Francis: 'Reality understood best at outskirts'


“We understand reality better not from the center, but from the outskirts,” Pope Francis said to thousands of persons awaiting him Sunday at the parish of Sts. Elizabeth and Zechariah in the Prima Porta neighborhood on the northern outskirts of Rome.

Upon arriving, Francis greeted the families with children who had been baptized during the year and also heard several confessions, according to a Vatican statement.



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